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February 27, 2012

Top Amauter Goal Celebrations of All Time


Top Goal Celebrations of All Time

These football players really know how to celebrate a winning goal. Heres some of best goal celbrating that we could find online – reeling in the big fish, giving birth and blowing up a big grenade. Two of the goal celebrations imitate other sports, namely bicycling and swimming. The sport-imitates-sport effect only serves to increase the humor.

Gone fishing

The scorer of the pen seems to have caught a big one this time icon razz Top Amauter Goal Celebrations of All Time

Giving birth

Nearly every kid has put a ball under his or her shirt and pretended to be pregnant or fat. Not many, however, have pretended to give birth to the ball while celebrating a goal, its the last goal in this one icon smile Top Amauter Goal Celebrations of All Time


In this inventive goal celebration, three players form the frame and handlebars of a bicycle. Then, a fourth player gets on the human bicycle and begins to pedal away, holding the handlebars and waving to the cheering crowd.

Swim meet

Mistakenly entitled “rowing,” this video recreates the starting moments of a swim meet. Two players get on their hands and knees to form diving blocks. Then, two more players stand on the human diving blocks and get into diving position. All at once, both players make a very shallow dive onto the field and begin a fast breast stroke.


A player throws a granade, Five players group together in a circle as if they’re getting into a huddle. A few players put their fingers in their ears, a clue that this is no ordinary huddle. Suddenly, they jump up and fall backwards as the grenade explodes

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