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Chris Hrabe's High School Sports Spotlight: Webster Groves Boys …

Posted  December 3, 2015  by  chris

This week’s KMOX High School Spotlight brings us to Webster Groves High School, where the Statesmen boys soccer team won their second straight state title. They are the first public high school ever to win back-to-back soccer state championships.

Tim Cashel: “This hasn’t been traditionally a soccer school as it has been a basketball and a football school. So to be on the map as a soccer school is important to us,” head coach Tim Cashel explains.

13 seasons ago, Cashel started to build.

“I scheduled some really difficult teams early on in my tenure…and I thought that was part of the growth we needed to go through,” Cashel says.

One person seeing the benefits of that growth, is senior forward Sheriden Smith.

“Coach Cashel developed this program – the Wesbster Groves Soccer Club in what is kind of supposed to be like a farm team. So we are playing with each other and then build up to high school where we have always been playing with each other,” Smith explains.

Not only has he won back-to-back championships, Smith also scored a combined five goals in the state semi-final and championship game, which tied a state record.

“The best thing, the coolest thing, is that we did it with our best friends and I’ve been playing with these guys since I was eight years old,” Smith says.

“They have played together for a long time as one unit and I think they would tell you a lot of time they know what the other kids are going to do before they even do it,” Cashel says. “So I think these kids play intuitively.”

Cashel also praised his players, past and present, for their off the field talents.

“Coach Cashel wasn’t just a soccer coach, he taught us to be good people and he brought us all together and I think I’ve learned a lot of life lessons from Coach Cashel that I can take with me into the future,” Smith explains.

His future is a full ride to play at Missouri State.